“Any clinician can be successful working with someone who is motivated. The real challenge is being able to influence the client who has no desire or intent to change.”  


Eliot P Kaplan, PhD 


  Paradox: Inconsistency; Absurd; Contadictory                                                  Psychology: Human mind, emotions, and behavior                                                    (…a match made in heaven)

‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink…’                        …But if you salt his oats, you can make him mighty thirsty.


 Welcome to Paradox Psychology.

Seeing is believing:

The following is a 3 video set addressing Problem Sexual Behavior (PSB) with a group of juveniles that have no interest in cooperating.

However, by the end of 3 weeks their escalating behavior has evaporated.

This intervention is not as complicated as it looks. See if you can figure out the underlying dynamic. (These boys would see through ‘reverse psychology’, so that’s not the answer…) 

Video 1 URL: 1Pdxi Problem Sexual Behavior 1of3

Video 2 URL: 2Pdxi Problem Sexual Behavior 2of3

Video 3 URL: 3Pdxi Problem Sexual Behavior 3of3


To learn more about this amazing approach, Dr. Kaplan recently published:

Ultimate Paradox: The Power of Counter-Intuitive Attachment To Unravel Hard-To-Treat Behavior                                                                  - available on Amazon

The book addresses the theory, practice, and treatment of the resistant client.

“Amazing” and “Miraculous” are terms most often associated with paradoxical interventions. Of the many therapeutic methods in psychology, this is the most fascinating to observe and implement. The practice gained notoriety in the 1970’s when ‘master therapists’, including Milton Erickson – Jay Haley – Salvador Minuchin - Fritz Perls and others, utilized the method. The technique - known for “joining and avoiding power struggles” – has the ability to bypass treatment resistance with a diverse range of  client types and disorders. As a result, this counter-intuitive approach gained the reputation for ‘rapid and amazing’ outcomes.  
However there was one problem. - No one could figure out a simple and understandable explanation as to what was happening and why it worked… 
Although quite powerful, the mechanism behind the approach has long been considered an ‘unsolvable mystery’. As a result, when the field promoted ‘evidence based treatment’, paradoxical interventions never received a passing grade.  
This book concisely explains and resolves the mystery of the paradoxical approach.  
In revealing this secret, this work brings a paradigm shift that renders obsolete the most basic assumptions of conventional psychology. In unexpected fashion, this endeavor utilizes a well-known scientific model to unify all major schools of thought under a single umbrella theory. In so doing, this work provides focus and insight as to the ‘active ingredient’ that underlies all successful treatment. 

After you get a taste of paradox, psychology will never be the same… 

Recent Presentations:

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